reaching the world through Missions, Writing and Life


Ladies and Gentlemen,

My name is Scott Russell. I am an International Church Planter with an organization called I am also am a husband to an amazing wife and three incredible children. I have written a book called The Leader of Souls. Hence, I’m an aspiring author. All material written by me in this website is copyrighted by Scott Price Russell and cannot be reproduced without consent.

Here’s what I hope to accomplish with this site. As you can see from my little title, I want to share 3 aspects (a.k.a. worlds) of my life. But I also want you to share aspects from your life, also. Of course, the three worlds include Missions (my full time passion), Writing (a new passion that I’m pursuing) and Life (you know God, family and fun stuff). Please reply and comment. This blog is meant to be interactive!

So here are some things that you can expect every week:


-Interviews from famous and not so famous pastors, missionaries and regular ole people (the first two kinds are just weird) on mission!

-Stories about missions both overseas and here in the States (you don’t have to go to Katmandu to be a missionary, though I want to go there some day soon.)

-Thoughts and ideas on the church, which is supposed to be on mission

Writing (new passion that I’m pursuing)

-first check out my other blog:   it is specifically about everything books and writing

-But from time to time we’ll have nterviews with famous and not so famous authors, agents and publicists/publisher staff on this blog

-Excerpts from books I’ve written, as well as excerpts from others’ books

-Readings and reviews. This means that I or another author may put up some material we’re writing and want your constructively critical thoughts, opinions and ideas on our material


-This could be anything including my stories and your stories, some comedy, deep thoughts, etc…

Glad you guys are on board. Check it out for a couple of weeks and then if you think it worthy, get the word out!

All for Jesus!



One response

  1. Stephanie

    Love,love,love your header. That picture…speaks. Looks like your blog will be a fun, creative endeavor for you and those who read. And don’t worry. Sparky and I are totally available to be any of the famous you interview. Take luck!

    July 20, 2010 at 7:03 pm

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