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Stories from the Mission Field: College student has a miraculous dream

There we were on a train. By the way, its very rare for westerners to ride trains. They aren’t exactly, well… luxurious. But time to relax it was. We’d seen 250 people make professions of faith and we planted 5 churches. Our hard work? Finished. So we shared a few laughs and joked around, not really paying the Indians all around us much attention. We were tired of doing ministry. At least, I was (can’t believe I’m admitting this). Yet, across the aisle from us a young woman smiled and seemed to join in on our jolly mood. We soon found out that she, Sai, spoke english very well. So we invited her to sit with us. “Do I know you? On facebook or something?” she asked Jason, one of our team mates from Texas. Of course Jason didn’t know her. 

Through our conversation we find out that she’s from the Brahmin caste. The highest caste in Hindu culture. If you know anything about the caste system in India, you’ll know Hindu priests come from Brahmins and they’re the most resistant to the message of Jesus. Why would they choose to give up everything and follow Him? Everyone holds Brahmins in the highest regard for their dedication to the Hindu gods. They look to the Brahmins for spiritual guidance. 

We felt prompted to share the gospel with her none-the-less. While sharing the good news, I used the evangecube, a tool that presents the gospel in picture form. When I turned the cube to the picture of Jesus, she gasped. “I’ve seen a vision of Him before. I was only eleven. But when I saw that exact face, He came to me and said, ‘This bread is for you’. Everything is about to change for me,” she said. You should’ve seen our expressions. We were in awe. 

She continued on, “You see. We’ve been on this train for ten hours already. Two hours before you boarded  and I had a dream. In my dream Americans, who look like you, came on this train and sat right next to me. They, well… you told me ‘we have news that will change your life forever’. So when I saw you all enter our coach, I almost couldn’t believe it! I’d shared the dream with my mother and it shocked her to see you here as well. And now you’re sharing the news!”

She and her mother decided to give their lives to Christ that day. I’ll never forget that day and neither will our new sisters in Christ. It is a reminder that we’re not taking Jesus to India. Jesus was already there seeking those who would call on his name. The one true God is in India!  

From January 2011


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    April 9, 2012 at 5:42 pm

  2. Wow. God is just amazing!

    April 27, 2012 at 2:51 am

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