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Seasons and God

Ahhh… Spring has arrived. The dead is gone and a new breath of life has come. Beautiful flowers… The buzzing of bees… The birds instinctually  play the nature dance in the air and light breezes caress your skin with its moderate pleasures. Ahhh… Spring.

Oh and don’t forget the migraines and the dizzying episode of sneezing 52 times in row. The aching sinuses. And the feeling that your whole body is going to explode because of the onslaught of that deadly yellow dust they call pollen. Arrghh… Spring has arrived.

Really its a mixed bag for me. But I actually cherish the beauty that blossoms for two weeks. It trumps my allergies by leaps and bounds. This is going to sound out of place, but it reminds of Autumn. Why? Because I actually suffer no allergic side effects during the Fall. I can enjoy the two week collage of oranges, yellows and reds without consequence .

But I have a question for God. Why only two weeks? These seasonal artistic strokes painted by our Savior and Creator usually only last for two weeks. That’s four weeks out of 52. Then its back to what seems to be a more monotonous tone of same colors… Greens in the Summer and brown and grays in the winter. Yeah, I know there’s beauty to be found even in the hum drum. But give me the bright and the extravagant.

I feel the same way about life. I cringe at the idea of working a clock-in-job at a warehouse (which is where I work at my part time job) or an office cubical (where many of you work 8-5). Give me the adventurous, the exciting and the rare (that’s why my primary job is taking teams to India).

But there’s something to be learned in comparing those inspirational seasons of brilliance to the more frequent and common seasons of  “same-ole-same-ole”. I’m sure we’ve all experienced both. But why does that incredible football game, incredible  opera performance or date with our dreamgirl/dreamguy only last four hours, then we have to drudge through a week of  the mundane?

If you’re thinking “its our perspective that determines how often we observe great things”, then you are indeed correct. We have the divinely given ability to find the good even in the darkest times if we choose to seek it. But I wanted to take it a different route.

Maybe the 4 weeks of the year that visually take our breaths away is something that God is whispering to us. Maybe this is what He’s saying, “Look at extravagance I want to bestow upon my creation! This wondrous Spring is only glimpse of what I have in store for you. But this earth is not your permanent home. It is broken. Your home is ultimately with Me, ‘The Great I AM’ ”


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