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If you were God?

Interesting title to a blog eh?… Hoped it might get some discussion pumping. Ok, I know that some of you think that this question is very important because you really think that you are God (sarcastic joking occurring during this very sentence) or you really do think that you are god (this last statement would be of the not so jokingly statement variety where you literally/theologically believe that you are god or at least a part of it {i.e. pantheism or pan-antheism}). Deep Breath…

1) So if you were God/god, what would you change or do to make the world better? (DO NOT LOOK AT OR ANSWER THE QUESTION BELOW BEFORE YOU ANSWER THIS ONE)




2) (The harder question) Why do you think the real/legit/biblical God of the universe isn’t changing what you would change right now or even possibly ever?






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