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Ron the Convenience Store Guy

I confess to not being frugal sometimes. Hi, my name is Scott and I’m a Convenience Store-aholic. That means instead of going the cheaper rout via the grocery store afflicted with long lines and longer waits to get a coke or a snack, I head for the local quickie. Ok, some of your minds are in the gutter right now. You can climb on out now. Well that’s what we called convenience stores/gas stations in Northwest Arkansas where I grew up. Ok, glad we got that straight.

My particular favorite Convenience Store is a BP where a guy named Ron works. I’m drawn to this particular one because their prices really are cheaper compared to most other gas stations and a guy named Ron with a magnetic personality works there. That’s right, you heard it correctly. And no, I’m not gay.

You see Ron may being missing a tooth or two and he may be a little overweight, and he probably has no or little education beyond High School, but the guy always has a great attitude. To the world, Ron really has nothing going for him. Its hard for me to understand. He works a dead end job and his appearance is definitely lacking at first glance. But he always greets you with a smile. He possesses an aura of positivity and fresh air. I just enjoy talking to the guy.

I’m fairly upfront with people. So I asked Ron what his secret was to being so, well, Ronish (positive and magnetic). He credits his great outlook on life to his grandmother. Evidently she was quite the disciplinarian, but I can tell by how Ron speaks of her, she truly spent time investing in and loving on him! Plus, Ron says, “What good does complaining and having a bad attitude do for me?” His answer, “…absolutely nothing.”

You see I’m guilty. When things are looking down for me and believe me, my problems are relatively miniscule to what many others face, I tend to have a bad attitude. I’m not the proverbial breath of fresh air during such times.

Of course, we need to grieve losses during tough times. We need to give our selves a pass when we’re not always seen as a ray of sunshine by others. But we need to realize that we’ve been given the gift of life. And we need to see the beauty in the small things. There is beauty even in the ugly or  difficult things in life (Romans 8:28).

How do we do this? Well, we need to know that we are loved. Love is the highest law and purpose (1 John 4:8-20). That’s the key! I know that there are many people who’ve had very difficult, even tragic lives with little proof that anyone loves them. If you’re one of those people, you must know that there is someone who loves you… someone who cherished you so much that He gave his life for you. Will He discipline you when you’re going the wrong direction? Yes. Will he allow you to experience hard times? Yes, but only to draw you to Him, to shape and mold you or possibly so that your story of love against all odds might be a witness for Him to others. But He loves you with an eternal love. His name is Jesus!

My goal: To be magnetic even during hard times. Thank you Ron for being a tangible example. Thank you Jesus for loving me.



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