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Writing Contest (the winner gets a $20 gift certificate)

Alright, here are the rules. Write a 500-2000 word fictional short story of any genre. Post it in my comments to this particular Writing Contest post.

1) It must be clean (no graphic sex or cussing) …not that I think you guys would post something like that, but I have to make sure

2) I will be the judge, but I will try to get two other judges to help if I can find two others willing to be judges

3) You must have your entry in by August 9th

4) I will announce the winner on August 16th (unless I get completely flooded… in which I reserve the right to postpone the announcement of the winner)

5) You must subscribe to either of my blogs (hehehe… tricky eh?) and I must have your email (you can put it in your post)

6) The winner gets a $20 gift certificate to Chili’s or a restaurant of their choosing (as long as I can easily buy the gift card from my home town)

7) Have fun with it and good luck


2 responses

  1. Your story will be judged on the flow/plot of the story and the depth of the characters. I don’t expect perfect spelling or grammar, but it needs to be comprehendible.

    July 29, 2010 at 1:01 pm

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