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The Meanest Woman in the Village (Stories from Nicaragua)

She was actually very sweet

My plan was to split the team in Christo Rey (one of four different villages we worked in) into 2 or 3 teams, but we had several people who had rarely ever shared their faith in Jesus before. So I needed to take all 9 of the team members, as a whole, with me to share the gospel with someone in the village.

I would do the sharing, as a kind of way to show how it’s done. Well I asked my interpreter and native of Christo Rey, Jorje (George), to think and pray about who we should speak to first. After several minute s of walking, Jorge said, “I know who. We’ll go to the meanest woman in the village!” I thought to myself, “No, someone easier. Anyone, but the meanest woman in the village, especially when I’m supposed to be showing how its done.” As we walked, I prayed, “Lord help?” Well after surrounding this poor lady, telling her about Jesus and the shedding a few tears, Mallorca accepted Jesus, as her personal savior! By the way, she is no longer the meanest woman in the village.


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